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about us

Freebird Bar & Food

inspired by the song „freebird“ from lynrd skynrd freebird creates a relaxed environment where guests feel free to kick back and chill out.
the perfect mix of classic and contemporary rock music creates an easy-going atmosphere while a combination of modern and vintage furniture from the 60´s & 70´s and the flowerpower wallpaper turn the bar into a casual livingroom.

take a seat on our small terrace and enjoy one of our secret-recipe-cocktails as you watch the sun set, or have a glass of excelent wine in a comfy armchair by the fireplace....
next to our variety of drinks freebird offers splendit crossover cuisine combining diffrent metropolitan influences with seasonal ingredients and fresh ideas.

freebird always seduces to turn a calm evening into a long rocking night.




eingelegte sizilianische oliven 5

schinken / käse 4,5

tomato & mozzarella
büffelmozzarella / tomate / basilikum / olivenöl extra vergine / pinienkerne 11,5

vegan gazpacho
mango-gurken gazpacho, weissbrot 7,5

cheese caramelised onion chutney 
3erlei käse / appenzeller / trüffel-pecorino / brie 
karamellsierte zwiebel-marmelade 11


unsere Speisen können Allergene enthalten, 
gerne informieren wir Sie



pampelle spritz
w/ pink grapefruit liquor / white wine / soda, 7,5

port tonic
w/ white port, dry tonic water, lime, 8,5

lillet tempeh
w/ lillet blanc / lime / ginger beer, 8,5

asian girl
w/ yuzu sake/ lychee liquor / gin / tonic, 9,5

pimm's no. 1 cup
w/ pimm's / ginger ale / cucumber / lemon mint, 9,5

w/ gin / vermouth / campari, 10,5

and more, just ask



hola hombre
w/ mezcal / lime / grapefruit lemonade / sugar, 11

sunrise over japan
w/ yuzu sake / lychee liquor / lime / sugar 11

mrs. mary waters
w/ vodka / watermelon / lemon / rosemary cordial, 11

w/ vodka / lime / sugar / tonka, 11

green dragon
w/ infused vodka / green tea / condensed milk, 11

basil smash 
w/ gin / basil / lemon / sugar, 11

bermuda hundred
w/ gin / campari / pineapple / lime / orgeat, 11

blue lemon smash
w/ rum / lime / blueberry / lemongrass / sugar, 11

w/ spirits / lime or lemon / sugar / egg white, 11

and more, just ask


aying, lager hell, 0,33l, 3,5

aying, premium pils, 033l, 3,5

aying, brau weisse, 0,33l, 3,5

aying, radler, 0,5l, 4,2

hopfenthaler, alkohohlfrei, 0,5l, 4,2

white wine, 0,2l

2019 Occam Deli weiss
philipp kuhn, pfalz, deutschland, 8

2018 grüner veltliner „platt 28“
wolfgang seher, weinlviertel DAC, österreich, 8

2020 „tramoya“ rueda verdejo D.O.
bodegas don diego, rueda, spanien, 8,5

white rosé, 0,2l

2018/19 cabernet sauvignon rosé
steininger, kamptal, österreich, 8

red wine, 0,2l

2015 Occam Deli cuvée rot
philipp kuhn, pfalz, deutschland, 8

2019 vino tinto „ICENI“
bodega tessalia, cádiz, spanien, 8

wine bottles

2019 riesling osthofen
weingut karl may, rheinhessen, deutschland, 37

2018 „bunt und laut“ sommelieredition
florian fauth, rheinhessen, deutschland, 35

2020 pannobile weissburgunder „goldberg“
andreas gsellmann, burgenland, österreich, 49

2020 vernaccia di san gimignano, „selvabianca“
il colombaio, toskana italien, 35

2019/20 puilly fumé „mademoiselle de t“
château de tracy, loire,?frankreich, 44


2018 côtes-de-provence rosé „magali“
domaine saint andré de figuère, provence,freankreich, 34


2016 cabernet sauvignon
weninger pinzészet, balf, ungarn, 42

2019 blauer zweigelt
andreas gsellmann, burgenland, österreich, 33

2016 vino nobile di montepulciano
il conventino, toskana, italien, 49

2016 „altos de inurrieta“ tinto reserva
inurrieta, navarra, spanien, 44

2016 „au dolmen“ côtes catalanes rouge
mas llossanes, roussillon,?frankreich, 39


sparkling wine

sekt cuvée brut „haus klosterberg“, 0,1l
markus molitor, mosel, deutschland, 7,5


sekt / crémant, bottles, 0,75l

sekt cuvée brut „haus klosterberg"
markus molitor, mosel, deutschland, 37

crémant de loire cuvée exelence brut
bouvet, loire, frankreich, 43

crémant de loire brut rosé
bouvet, loire, frankreich , 43

seerose trattoria


freebird bar and food GbR
Jasmin and Florian Thatenhorst

nordendstr. 12
80799 münchen

Sparkasse Fürstenfeldbruck

IBAN DE53700530700002206803

Steuernummer 148/150/61293
UST-ID NR DE246253950

open tuesday - saturday 6pm


send us your enquiries any time.
please note that we only make dinner reservations.
online reservations are only valid after confirmation.